Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How do I place an order over the phone?

A. 1 - Choose the product / item# .

2 - Choose font. >What style of lettering do you want to use? Do you want to add a logo or design?

3 - Choose placement / Orientation. > Where do you want it engraved on the item.

4 - Call 705-750-0889 to Place order and confirm details and get total.

5 - Payment by Etransfer to ( ) or by credit card over the phone*

Note: Credit cards used over the phone must be presented on pick up for imprint.

6 - Pick up in store or have it delivered.

Note: Delivery is available within Peterborough, Bridgenorth, Ennismore and Lakefield for a fee.

Q. Does Treasures & Memories engrave wood?

A. We engrave watches, tech devices, glass,  wood, plastic and metals. It doesn't matter where you bought them…we can help you get the perfect personalization onto your item.

Q. How much is engraving?
A. Items being brought in from outside the store vary;
If the item to be engraved is valued under $100 the initial/minimum charge is $15, this covers up to 2 words, additional words are $3 per word. If the item to be engraved is valued over $100 the initial/minimum charge is $22, this covers up to 4 words, additional words are $3 per word.
Engraving our merchandise starts at $8, this covers your first word, additional words are $3 per word.

Q. Can you engrave porcelain, ceramic or china?
A. No. These items will chip or crack when you try to engrave them.

Q. Can you engrave on stainless steel?
A. Yes. We can engrave on most metals with the exception of tungsten, this metal is too hard and won’t take engraving. With some harder metals, like titanium, engraving can also be less smooth or ‘choppy’.

Q. Can you engrave on glass?
A. Yes. We can engrave on smooth glass surfaces. The surface cannot be textured or ‘bumpy’.

Q. Can you put colour in the engraving?
A. Colour can be added to engraving on glass or plastic surfaces. Metals cannot hold colour. We do have the ability with some metals, mostly brass, to oxidize the metal and turn the engraved text or image black.

Q. Can you engrave images and symbols or just text?
A. We can engrave a lot of variety. We have numerous designs and images on file to choose from. We can also create custom images / designs / symbols / logos. Provide us with a clear black and white (no gray scale) copy of the image or design to be created, preferably in vector format, but JPEG or bitmap will do.

Q. Will stainless steel tarnish?
A. Any metal will tarnish over time. The best practice to prevent tarnish is to keep the item as clean and dry as possible. Clean regularly with a cleaner / polish appropriate to the metal in question.

Q. How long does it take to engrave something?
A. Engraving times can fluctuate greatly. It depends on how busy we are at the time you place your order, what material is being engraved and how much is going on the item. As a general rule though, if not busy, most days we are able to have something engraved within an hour to an hour and a half.

Last update Sept 11,2020